Tantalus Labs’ Range of products are available to order through Government distributors across Canada. To include our Sungrown BC Cannabis in your store, please reach out to the Territory manager in your province.

Tantalus Labs is a privately owned Licensed Producer based out of Vancouver British Columbia. Our facility SunLab is the first of its kind – a greenhouse designed over four years by a team of industry-leading scientists, designers, and engineers. It was built with one purpose in mind: to grow exceptional craft-cannabis in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. This mission drives us every day as we strive to create new cannabis products that elevate this industry and excite consumers. 

How we grow is who we are. Using Sungrown as the pillar of our production strategy, we’re able to consistently deliver quality cultivars using 90% less electricity than indoor growing methods. All the water used to irrigate our plants is captured rainwater from the plentiful precipitation that falls over the Fraser Valley. We take this rainwater, triple filter it and add the perfect in-house mix of base nutrients. By abstaining from premixed fertilizers, we are able to provide a cleaner, more consistent product while optimizing plant health.  What this means for you is a sustainable experience using only the cleanest inputs - sunlight, water and nutrients.

To keep our plants safe from pests, we use a form of sustainable crop management which introduces predatory insects that guard our plants against harmful insects.  This ensures that the cannabis that comes from SunLab is free of residual pesticides and grown in the cleanest way possible. All of our cultivars are phenotyped from seed in the R&D room at Sunlab.  Being a privately held company affords us the opportunity to create products that we truly love with a clear focus on providing unique, cutting edge strains, that exceed the expectations of our customers.

You may have heard of some of our strain names before, but when you experience our curations you can expect something completely unique. 

To learn more about our company, we’ve compiled a variety of educational materials below. In addition to the support of our Sales team, our digital assets are available to help you launch the Tantalus Labs portfolio of cannabis products in your store.